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I captured these last night, but thought they would be a great for this historic morning:

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Nov. 4th, 2008 11:02 am
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Just back from voting and late breakfast. I have waited for no more that 30 minutes at our polling place before, but today it was 1 hour 45 minutes. Of course, I think I hit the peak :P

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It's that time! Make your predictions on this post, all comments will be screened until after the election. Give your electoral number prediction (you can use this map on NPR to build it). As a tie-breaker, also give your prediction of the number of Democratic senators in the new congress (Democrats only, not Independents).

The winner will be the person closest to the actual numbers, and will have full bragging rights!
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The science journal Nature, for the first time since it was founded in 1869, has endorsed a presidential candidate: Barack Obama.

On a comedic note, check out the Obama/McCain Dance Off or the Synchronized Presidential Debating.
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Here is a wonderful post on that has a quote from Obama that pretty much says it all: The Three Ashleys.
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I phone-banked last night for the Obama campaign for the first time. It was interesting, though mostly a lot of answering machines.

Continuing from yesterday, there are more pundits that say that the current situation will probably lead to Democrats gaining even larger majorities in both the House and Senate. Stuart Rothenburg writes that, "another bloodbath looms on the horizon," and Charlie Cook posts, "At this stage, the most relevant question would seem to be: 'How big will the train wreck be for the Republican Party up and down the ballot in November.'"

The Politico front page says it all. You will find articles on how emotions at Republican rallies are bordering on panic, Hispanic voters turning away from McCain, critics are panning MCCain's new proposal to buy home mortgages, and Obama has purchased a full half-hour on major networks for 8:00pm on Oct. 29th.
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Right now, I have but one word for this election: hope. Of course I remain cautious, but the situation the last several weeks has been very favorable for Obama, and now the media are putting forward stories such as:
Dem strategists see landslide in the making
Is the Electoral Dam Breaking for Obama?
Bush 2004 States Are Tipping to Obama shows Obama with a 90.5% win percentage, the most he has ever had this election. Obama is polling ahead in all the Kerry states as well as Iowa, New Mexico, Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Nevada, and Colorado. He is very close in polling for North Carolina and Missouri, and Indiana and Georgia are getting closer every day.

The situation also seems to be improving for Democrats in Congressional races as well.
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If I didn't already have 3 Obama t-shirts (well, technically 2 haven't arrived yet), I think I would get this one too: Barack/Buffy t-shirt.
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What was McCain thinking?

The latest story is that she was only interviewed in the vetting process the day before she was selected, which is probably why so many stories are seeing light now, like the continuation of the abuse-of-power story; the link that her husband and she as well have to an Alaskan secessionist political party; the earmarks that she secured as mayor of Wasilla, which goes to her credibility as a reformer; and video from her speaking at her local church discussing how U.S. troops should only be "out on a task that is from God" along with other views that seem to be already hurting Republican efforts to woo Jewish voters.

This calls into serious question McCain's whole vetting process, and therefore McCain's judgement and wisdom.

Is that really the shakeup that the campaign was looking for?

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I haven't posted much on the race lately, but this is totally cracking me up.

Yesterday, McCain was asked by a Politico reporter how many houses he and his wife own, and he couldn't remember.

Thus, the new Obama ad, "Seven".
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It's that time!  JibJab has their first video spoof of the 2008 election up.
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I've been meaning to make this post for a few days now.

Besides the usual rhetoric, and the Obama-Clinton "Unity" event, not much has happened in the contest, and so I have not made many comments.  However, one interesting thing that did happen last Wednesday was that David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, gave a presentation to the press that detailed the campaign's targeted states for now. 

On a separate but related note, my new favorite electoral projection sight is FiveThirtyEight, which does an amazing amount of polling analysis every day.  Their discussion from June 26th of the above meeting (sorry there is no direct link) was very interesting, especially if you are an Obama supporter.
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Yay, the primary is finally over!  Clinton hasn't conceded yet, but there is no way now for her to get the needed number of delegates.

On to the White House! Go Obama!
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On the Democratic side:

As expected, Clinton won the West Virginia primary yesterday, 67-26.  While this was her biggest blowout so far, it does little to affect the race.  One thing that it does highlight is how much effort Obama will have to spend shoring up low-income working class Democrats before the general election.

On the Republican side:

The biggest news yesterday in my mind was Democratic win for the special election in House seat MS-01.  This is the third special election in about as many months won by a Democrat in a Republican district (The other two were in Illinois and Louisiana).  This seat in Mississippi has been held by the same Republican since 1994 (he was appointed to fill the rest of Trent Lott's Senate term), and the district went for Bush in the last election with 62%.  Further, unlike the previous 2 special elections, the candidate, Greg Davis, was a good candidate, a solid Republican who wasn't especially controversial.  Despite all this, he lost to Travis Childers by 8 points, 54-46, with a larger than normal voter turnout.  The Republicans House election committee spent $1.3 million in a year that sees them way behind on fundraising compared to the Democratic House election committee.  They even tried to nationalize the race by attempting to use Obama (and specifically the Wright controversy) against Childers, all to no avail.  As I saw in the article, an aide in the Republican House leadership thinks that we will "see a lot of people running around here looking for windows to jump out of."

As for the Presidential election, the most interesting news I have seen is that Bob Barr, a former Republican congressmen from Georgia, has thrown his hat into the Presidential ring as candidate for the Libertarian Party.  Barr is a social and fiscal conservative, and may be appealing enough as a candidate to cost McCain a few percentage points.  In Red states, he could be just enough of a spoiler to tip the balance to Obama.  Of course, Barr first has to secure the party nomination, running against Mike Gravel.
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On the Democratic side:
Obama won the Mississippi primary, which included with Wyoming effectively wipes out the 9 or so pledged delegate gain made by Clinton from Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas. According to MSNBC, the pledged delegate count stands at Obama 1,394, Clinton 1,242.

Geraldine Ferraro, the former Democratic VP nominee and current Hillary supporter, stated that Obama was the current front-runner because he was African-American, which has reopened the debate about race in the campaign.

On the Republican side:
In contrast to some of McCain’s rhetoric concerning lobbying in DC, several individuals who work in the McCain campaign have ties to lobbying efforts that recently saw the Air Force give a large contract to an Airbus consortium over Boeing.
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On the Democratic side:
Obama won the Wyoming caucus over the weekend, gaining a few more pledged delegates.

DailyKos points to a very interesting round of polling done by SUSA (who I think is the most accurate polling organization, which I will have to go into another day). Specifically, it shows both Hillary and Obama winning the presidency over McCain by looking at it state-by-state and figuring out the electoral college results. Interestingly enough, they each get the presidency in very different ways.

This weekend, it was Bill Clinton talking about a possible Clinton/Obama ticket.

On the Republican side:
While the Democratic primary continues, McCain’s biggest challenge is remaining in the spotlight.

Though this isn’t specifically about the presidential race, the Democratic candidate Bill Foster defeated the Republican Jim Oberweis in a special election in IL-14, Dennis Hastert’s old seat. This was surprising, and bodes ill for Republican congressional races. Coincidentally, Obama campaigned for Foster and McCain for Oberweis.
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On the Democratic side:
So obviously most of the talk is about what happens next, and more specifically what Hillary sees as her path in the race from here. And of course the big question is will this protracted primary sink the Democratic chance of winning the general election?

Florida and Michigan want to be brought back in to the contest, but exactly how that will work is unclear.

Talk of the dream ticket is all over the place, especially after Hillary was asked about it and said that it was a real possibility. Obviously Hillary wants the top slot, but I never thought she would accept the veep. However, there are pundits who are arguing that that is exactly what she is hoping to get out of continuing in the primary.

On the Republican side:
Bush endorsed McCain. Other than that, I imagine the Republican side will be pretty quiet for the next few weeks as McCain works on building his general campaign organization and fundraises.


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