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So I walked my son O and my daughter A home yesterday along with her friends F and M.  F comes over usually once a week, and the two girls play outside, usually with a big rock they have named "Rosie".  Rosie has an elaborate back story that the girls were explaining to M, about how she is a 1,000 year old person who was turned to stone but will soon come back to life.  My son heard this, which resulted in the following exchange:

O: "How do you know she's 1,000 years old?"
A: "It's written in a (weird name here) book."
O: "Well, can I see this book?"
A: "No, it's invisible."
O: "Then how do you see it?"
F: "We have special (weird name here) glasses."
O: "Well, can I see the glasses?"
A: "No, they are invisible too!"
O: "Then how do you know where they are?"
A and F: "We just do!"

O has so earned his Skeptics license!

After this they separated,  and O told me all about how they were lying, because people obviously didn't have the technology to turn into stone 1,000 years ago ("they don't even have it today!"), and we talked about the difference between lying and pretending.

It was a good walk home.
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After my son saw the trailer for the movie coming in February, C and I encouraged him to read the books.  We bought him the first one, which he read pretty much in the car on the way home.  He then rented from his school library the second and thirds books, and has finished the second.

Yesterday, after I picked him up from school:

O:   Look, my shirt is on backwards.
Me: (after confirming that his shirt was indeed on backwards)  Did you do that on purpose?
O:   Yes.
Me: When did you do that?
O:   This morning before school.
Me: You've had your shirt on backwards all day!?  Why?
O:   To prevent fairy tricks.
Me: .....
Me: O-kay.

Because what can you say to that?

Kids Today

Jan. 19th, 2007 09:50 am
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Most days it seems like my kids' childhoods are for the most part very similar to my own.  But every now and then...

On the way to taking her to school, my 4 year old daughter and I passed under a small underpass.

A: Look at all the rocks! (looking up at the road above us) I wonder how they got that there?
Me: Oh, I guess they had a crane do it.
A: Where did they get a crane?
Me: They just have them.
A: Oh, probably from
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Happy Valentine's Day to everybody (but especially C, O, and A)!

So this gossip article had some interesting television news. In summary:

Bad News: Love Monkey has gone on hiatus after showing 5 of the 8 taped episodes, and the reviewer doubts it will return. Bummer, I was just starting to like this show.

Uh-oh News: Veronica Mars will not show the new run shows originally slated for Feb. 15, 22, and Mar. 1. Apparently the ratings have not been as good recently, and the reviewer thinks that the network is delaying the show until America's Next Top Model returns in order to give it a better lead in show and boost the numbers.

Possibly Wonderful News: Firefly might find a new home on the new CW network in some form. So shiny I think I'm blind!!!
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I haven't posted in a while, so I wanted to find something interesting. This article is about how the discovery of an early alphabet found in a settlement of 10th century B.C. Israel has an effect on the modern debate in the archeological community, which is itself an extension of the politics in the region.

Research on ancient writing linked with modern Mideast conflict

On a more personal note, this week is absolutely crazy as the entire family has to deal with doctor's appointments, dentist appointments, flu clinics, pre-school open houses, university orientations, and registering cars in the new state (still) combined with all the normal weekly activities (work, school, gymnastics, art class, playdates, etc.). And of course GOF.

I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.
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My son (6) was talking about chicken eggs with his grandmother (they boiled an egg to see the bubbles so she could demonstrate porosity) and I started to sing that age-old refrain, "Which comes first, the chicken or the egg?" To which my son immediately responded, "The Chicken!" I replied, "Are you sure? Then where did the chicken come from?" To which he again immediately responded, "The dinosaurs!"

How I love my little scientist.


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