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After my son saw the trailer for the movie coming in February, C and I encouraged him to read the books.  We bought him the first one, which he read pretty much in the car on the way home.  He then rented from his school library the second and thirds books, and has finished the second.

Yesterday, after I picked him up from school:

O:   Look, my shirt is on backwards.
Me: (after confirming that his shirt was indeed on backwards)  Did you do that on purpose?
O:   Yes.
Me: When did you do that?
O:   This morning before school.
Me: You've had your shirt on backwards all day!?  Why?
O:   To prevent fairy tricks.
Me: .....
Me: O-kay.

Because what can you say to that?


Jul. 24th, 2006 03:23 pm
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    • Spore Lives Up to the Hype
      More on the new game Spore. Definitely check out the slideshow which brings up many possible affects on everything from eduction to intellectual property.
  • Science
  • Technology
    • 10 Oddest iPod Accessories
      My favorite is the docking station/toilet paper roll holder (I'm not kidding!).
    • Robberies rise, escape wtih your iPod
      Speaking of iPods, an article about the rise in robberies in the UK being attributed to the players, and some inentive methods to hide them.
    • Social Networking Gets Political
      A new blog site, essembly, is coming up that links people by political views. The article not only details this, but also talks about specialized blog sites versus specialized communites on large blog sites. This, combined with an invite for another site I received earlier this week, leads me to the question, how many blog sites do you belong too? And how many would you consider too much? Would you prefer a singular site with many different communities, or many smaller specialized sites that you can check for each of your interests? I think someone should do a poll.


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